815 Brookwood Place

Exclusive, Brand New Rebuild, 6bed/4.5bath

The home is located just off of State Street, making it easy to access the abundance of restaurants the area has to offer. This listing is conveniently located within walking distance to the athletic fields of Michigan University; making is easy to attend all games! Bus routes are located just around the corner making it easy to access the rest of the Ann Arbor as well.

Located in the beautiful Greenwood neighborhood, this home is freshly remodeled with hardwood flooring throughout the entire unit. It comes equipped with all brand new appliances and finishings.

The kitchen appliances are stainless steel and the abundance of counter space makes for a wonderful cooking/hosting space. Matching the large kitchen, there is plenty of living space to have a number of guests over at any time! The modern remodel of this building will impress any guest that walks through your doors.

This home is not only welcoming for others to visit, but provides a wonderful stay-in atmosphere. With 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths each resident has plenty of their own space to nestle in and call their own.  The hardwood flooring creates a flow within the home providing a feeling of comfort.

There is a laundry room within the rental with new washers and dryers. There is even an extra refrigerator located in the basement to ensure everyone has plenty of room for all their goods. With this home comes 4-stacked parking spots and storage units.

This is a single unit rental, which provides complete privacy and security.

This unit is managed by Prentice Partners LLC., an exclusive and privately own management company. As a resident, you will deal directly and specifically with one specialized agent who is designated to your property. This allows the business to develop personalized relationships and ensure your utmost comfort in your new spot to call home!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a tour!